ICT Lab With Information Technology taking an upper hand in every sphere of life today, the field of education is no exception. SPPS has a well- equipped Information and Communication Laboratories with an ideal student to machine ratio of 1:1. The key features of the
ICT Labs include:
⇨ Dual Core Processors
⇨ RAM 4.00 GB
⇨ Software includes
⇨ Microsoft Windows 10
⇨ MS Office 2010
Tux Paint, LOGO QBasic


The School has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students are encouraged to use these laboratories to learn through experiments. Every year latest instruments, specimens, charts etc. are purchased for these laboratories. Hands on training with equipment enhance understanding and knowledge.


We are proud to share the news that SPPS SCHOOL was felicitated by the District Legal Services Authority for providing the safest transport service to its students in the city of Jalandhar & kapurthala. The School strictly adheres to the guidelines laid down by the Honorable High Court of Punjab and Haryana. SPPS SCHOOL has well maintained fully air-conditioned transport and GPS Tracking facility for students to commute comfortably to and from school. With a fleet of 42 Buses, the school provides trained  Drivers & conductors to take care of students while in transit.

Art & craft

This is one place for students where they express and develop their creativity under the guidance and supervision of their intellectual teachers. We persuade students to take part in many art and craft activities both in and outside school. Also we hold competitions regularly among them in their classes to inculcate in them the spirit to excel each other. It is a place where they learn to appreciate beauty and adds the aesthetic touch to the creative side of one’s personality. SPPS prepares artists of the coming era.


We know that the health of our students is of paramount importance and medical care is given a high priority in the school. A competent paediatrician and a qualified trained nurse have been engaged for regular medical check up of the students. Proper record of each child id maintained and the parents are informed periodically. For any emergency there is a special arrangement with all nursing homes near the school complex.

Safety and Security

A Security Officer has been designated for the safety and security of the students. A visitor is never allowed to enter the school campus without prior appointment. SPPS school has engaged the services of a highly professional Security Team. They are in charge of handling the security needs of the school. The campus is monitored 24X7, and always guarded with the security staff in and around the campus. There has never been an instance of breach of security. The security measures at the school are infallible. The students can only leave the campus on designated days and that too along with a parent or guardian.


Here, library provides the students with access to the latest novels, newspapers, magazines, books, journals and encyclopedias. According to the requirements of the students; books are available here. Here, students get opportunities to discover new and authentic sense of world and education. No queries remain untold and unexplained here. The fully air-conditioned & user friendly computers lab ensures that a student masters the subject. Computer is the most important tool that one must posses to excel in any sphere of life. In the age of IT and AI computers have actually become a necessity. The lab paves the way for the students to become highly skilled resource person and technocrats in the near future.


The enhancement of physical and mental development of children is certainly the most important contribution of sports for children.  Sports teach us tolerance, team spirit, sportsmanship and patience. To achieve this aim, sports are made an integral part of the curriculum. SPPS has sufficient number of play fields for all major of games. Every student is allotted a house and inter house competitions are held in almost all major games in three groups: Juniors, Mediums and Seniors.
The school also plays regular inter school fixtures with other schools of the region.


Music is an integral part of the school day. Here, the emphasis is on building an understanding of the ragas and rhythms of Indian music and using these as a base to explore and understand other musical traditions. Our students are encouraged in lessons to discover and explore instruments for themselves. The aim here is to ensure that students develop their musical talents in the way most suited to them. In both dance and music, our emphasis is not just on building expertise in one area. Instead, we seek to provide each student with a clear system of thought which will allow them to judge the quality of dance and music from whatever tradition it might come.