“Whatever the struggle continue the climb, it may be only one step to the summit.”

Mr. Jasbir Singh


By setting up SPPS Convent School as an institution for providing quality education to the children of the area, we have endeavorued to pay a tribute to the saintly figure on whose name the institution is being run. Our School was established in the sweet memory of Sant Pranpal Singh Ji, and strives to fulfil his ideals and teachings.The School – a place where education is not only followed but also inspires social change from the day of inception, has been nurtured with a belief – a formidable faith that children are uniquely blessed and education must be channelized to bring out the best of their ingenuity in order to weave character building and value inculcation in the fabric of curriculum. We are indeed honored to be one of the best Schools of Jalandhar and Kapurthala. The road to a successful life begins with the purity of purpose, clarity of thought and an unyielding passion to pursue. The school provides the best of facilities to the students so that they do not lag behind in any field when they venture out in life. Not only academic knowledge but spiritual, moral and ethical education is also imparted to the students so that they can give back to their country all the very best that they have imbibed in this school.