Evolution of E-learning during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic started in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, and Spread around the world rapidly within months. The pandemic affected all areas of life, including Education. Covid 19 resulted in the shutting down of all the schools and colleges. It changed the learning overnight. With this, E-Learning (electronic learning) came into existence and became an inseparable part of Education.

This pandemic made everyone an E-learner. Not only teachers and students but the parents too started learning and working online every day. The concept of E-learning provided us the option of  ‘Synchronous learning’, where the students can get live classes, and ‘Asynchronous learning”, where they can get pre-recorded lectures. As a result, education was changed dramatically.

Now, where the students were in the habit of coming to the traditional classes, they were now attending lectures through online media which obviously made it difficult for them to cope up with the modern mode of education .everyone faced a lot of challenges at the beginning such as lack of online teaching skills in educators, online preparations of lesson plans and lack of technical support from the technical teams. Not only teachers but the students too faced a lot of difficulties due to their deficiency of proper learning attitude, lack of suitable learning material, and inadequate learning environment.

It was indeed a difficult task to implement such a big change in the educational system but with the passage of time, both teachers and the students got used to it. E-leaning has no doubt kept all the students and teachers motivated to deal resiliently with the epidemic infused anxiety. This new concept of online learning made students independent in their learning too.” Zoom Meetings” turned out to be a popular choice for many schools. The features in the zoom app like ”Screen”, “Camera option”, “Whiteboard” and the option of chat has helped a lot to make the online lectures very interesting.

Despite so many challenges, the educational authorities have dealt with this situation very intelligently and have succeeded in imparting education through the modern modes of communication.

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